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Sporting Events


Our school has entered the following competitions already, the top 2 leagues have already started with the next 2 starting in January 2020:

  • Boys Year 5/6 Sporting Club Thamesmead Football League - started
  • Girls Year 4/5/6 Meridian Club, Charlton, Football League - started
  • Boys Year 5/6 Meridian Club, Charlton, A Team Football League – starts in January 2020
  • Boys Year 5/6 Meridian Club, Charlton, B Team Football League – starts in January 2020
  • Mixed Year 3/4 Sportathon competition at Sutcliffe Park Summer

Summary of De Lucy's Sports' Participation September 2018 to July 2019

We entered 33 separate sports competitions in 14 different sports (compared to 2017/18 amount of 14 competitions in 6 different sports) 6 trophies WON!

  • St Paul's Academy Year 5/6 Girls Football CHAMPIONS
  • Greenwich Year 5/6 Boys Cross Country CHAMPIONS
  • Greenwich Year 3/4 Mixed Tug of War CHAMPIONS
  • Meridian A Year 5/6 Boys Football League CHAMPIONS
  • Charlton FC Year 5/6 Boys Schools Football Competition CHAMPIONS
  • Meridian Girls Year 5/6 Football League OLYMPIC TROPHY for EXCELLENCE

As a result, over 200 children from Year 3 to 6, have represented our school in a sports competition including 109 children playing for one of our many football teams in a total of 125 football games this alone!

Although it is great for our children to win although what is more important is that more of our children get to experience competitive and non-competitive sport.


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