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De Lucy

De Lucy

How are we teaching your child to read in school?


  • Daily phonic sessions – children are ‘growing the code’ and learning that sounds

 can be represented in different ways eg ee, ea, y ie and e can all make the same sound.

  • Daily keep up interventions for any children who need extra help to secure teaching
  • Daily catch up sessions for any children who may be working a little lower than the expected level.
  • Three reading sessions each week:

                Session 1: Decoding – reading known words and sounding out

                                           unknown words

                Session 2: Prosody – reading with meaning and expression

                Session 3:  Comprehension – talking about what we have read

  • Daily story time-we read books to the children that they cannot read themselves
  • Daily singing and sharing of rhymes and poems


How you can help your child at home?


  • Listen to your child read their reading book each day (5-10 mins)

*Their book will be changed weekly. We teach your child how to read the book so parents & carers can help their child to practise what they have been taught.

  • Read a story to your child as often as possible (every day if you can) so they can not only develop a love for reading, but also experience lots of new vocabulary.
  • Continue to talk lots and encourage your child to talk in full sentences.


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