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Attendance is taken very seriously here at De Lucy as research suggests that there is a clear link between attendance and attainment.

Mrs Leach is our in-house Attendance Officer who works with our Local Authority Attendance Advisory Officer (AAO), Paramjit Chadha.

Every week in celebration assemblies classes are informed which class has the best attendance and this information is also provided in the fortnightly newsletter.

95% attendance monitoring

The aim is for all children to have attendance above 95%.

The school monitors attendance very closely and identifies any children who have attendance under 95%.

  • If attendance drops below 95% a letter is issued to the parent that week to inform then and highlight how to improve attendance.
  • If the attendance drops the next week, another letter is issued identifying the decline. These pupils are often then discussed with the AAO.
  • If attendance improves above 95%, a letter is sent home informing parents that attendance is now above 95% and to thank them for their support.

Fast Track to Improved Attendance

De Lucy follows the Fast Track procedure which is triggered at different points during the school year if children have missed a certain number of sessions.

Fast Track to Improved Attendance

What can you do to help?

Attendance and Punctuality Advice for Parents leaflet


Being at school on time is essential to start the day in a settled and calm manner without missing any teaching time.

Every Friday, punctuality is analysed from the week and letters are emailed home to parents of children who have been late during the week. The Headteacher contacts parents by telephone if lateness is common or extreme. Poor punctuality can also lead to referrals to the Attendance Advisory Service.

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We are still limiting parent access to the school office.