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Thank you to all parents and carers who recently completed the survey about communication via social media. We had 148 responses!


From those parents who completed the survey, we found that:

- 85% of parents have a Facebook account

- 82% said that they would (58%) or might (24%)  find a school Facebook page useful 

- 91% of parents said that they checked their emails at least once a day


Although 91% of parents who responded do check their emails daily, the 148 responses do not reflect all parents. As 82% of parents said that they would/might find a school Facebook page useful, we have decided to go ahead with this.


To help keep everyone safe, we have written a social media policy, which can be found on our website at https://www.delucyprimaryschool.co.uk/docs/policies/Social_Media_Policy_review_May_2023.pdf


The aim of the page is to share information and celebrate success. It is not to be used to contact the school or raise any issues or concerns, please do this directly with the school via phone or email. We will be sharing our new communications policy with you next week.

The page will be monitored and we ask that any comments made are courteous and respectful at all times.


We will not be posting photos which include pupils, as we need to reissue all photo permission forms. Once we have done this we are hoping to share more photos. We will only ever post photos of pupils if we have parental permission.


The page is now live at... https://www.facebook.com/De-Lucy-Primary-School-105892355027233/  Please like us! 

Until we get a larger number of likes we will be harder to find within the search. Our school page has our school logo as a profile picture.


You can also find us on Twitter at @DePrimary.


From Monday 8th March 2021, the school is open to all pupils