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De Lucy

De Lucy

Reading at home/ Reading Club

Dear Parents & Carers,

As we move towards the end of this academic year, the children are still working really hard in school to try and close the gaps in learning caused by Covid-19. One area that the pandemic has really impacted on is reading. This is a real priority for us as a school as it underpins so much of the curriculum. If children are unable to read at the expected level for their age, accessing other areas of learning like writing, history and geography becomes much more difficult.

At school, our expectation for reading has not changed. All children should be reading at home from Monday to Friday (and the weekends if they wish) to enable them to practise and apply what they have learnt in school at home. Reading records should be signed to say that this has happened and forms a link of communication between parents and class teachers.

We have noticed that many children are now back to reading at home regularly which is great to see. However, this is not yet happening for all children though so we have decided to restart our reading clubs at playtimes for years 1-6 to provide the opportunity for children who are not able to read at home to practise in school.

Kind regards,

Mrs Richardson

Deputy Headteacher EYFS & KS1

Reading Lead Nursery-Year 6


From Monday 8th March 2021, the school is open to all pupils