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De Lucy

De Lucy

No Nut School

Dear Parents and Carers

When making packed lunches, please can we remind all parents that we are a no nut school. We have several children at De Lucy who carry auto injector pens, which are used for anaphylaxis. For these children, contact with nuts or products containing nuts can be fatal. It is important therefore that nut or nut products are not brought into school.

We also ask that children are not given chocolate spread sandwiches, as we are unable to identify whether it is Nutella. If children have a packed lunch containing nuts, it will be taken away and a school dinner will be provided (parents will be charged for this). We hope that you understand the need for these measures to be in place in order to keep all of our pupils safe.

Kind regards

Abbie Moran

School Business Manager


From Monday 8th March 2021, the school is open to all pupils