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De Lucy

Christmas Arrangements 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought it would be useful to outline our Christmas plans for this year, taking into account the current Covid situation.

Christmas Dinner – 16th and 17th December 2020

Mrs Moran has already sent an email about Christmas Dinner this year.

Due to Covid, we cannot have more than one year group in the hall at once and we have to adhere to strict timings to enable all children to get half of lunchtime in the hall and half of lunchtime playing outside. Due to this, it will not be possible for the whole school to be offered a Christmas meal on the same day as the Christmas lunch takes longer to serve as we will not be able to bring the next year group in if some children are still eating.

The Christmas dinners will be on Wednesday 16th December and Thursday 17th November – we will allocate days depending on take up.

Christmas Performances – 17th December 2020

All classes will be learning a Christmas song and we will be holding virtual concerts within school via Google Meets from individual classrooms on Thursday 17th December.

This year we will not be performing to parents either in person or online.

Christmas theme day – Friday 18th December

For the first time ever, we have decided to hold a ‘Christmas Day’ on Friday 18th December, as if current Lockdown rules and Government restrictions remain in place, it is likely that Christmas will be very different for many people this year and possibly without mixing with those outside of the family home.

Throughout the day children will take part in Christmas crafts and activities and have the chance to watch a Christmas film with their classmates. On this day, children (and staff!) are welcome to come to school dressed in their own clothes, Christmas clothing welcome but not essential! For children who do not celebrate Christmas, a selection of winter activities will be available that are not directly linked with Christmas.

End of term – Friday 18th December

The last day of term is Friday 18th December. We will be finishing at our usual end of day times this year, NOT 2pm as in the past as this is not manageable due to the need to have staggered collection times.

Collection times will remain as usual.

Nursery – 11.45am/3.30pm

Reception – 3pm

Year 1 – 3.20pm

Year 2 – 3.15pm

Year 3 – 3.10pm

Year 4 – 3.00pm

Year 5 – 3.10pm

Year 6 – 3pm

Thank you for your continued support in these challenging times,

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Lodge



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