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MFL French 2019-2020

The school uses the 'Rigolo' Scheme of Work


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Rigolo 1 Unit ½


Saying hello, your name and age


En classe Classroom objects, colours

Rigolo 1 Unit 2/3

Mon corps


Describing body, eyes and hair,

Days of the week

Rigolo 1 Unit 4:

Au animaux


Animals, pets, preferences

Rigolo 1 Unit 5


La famille

Identify members of the family; the alphabet

Story: C’est a moi, ca!


Animals, adjectives


Rigolo 1 Unit 6

Bon anniversaire

Ask for snacks; give opinions about food; months of the year


Rigolo 1 Unit 7/8


Revising ways to describe people; nationalities.

Rigolo 1 Unit 8/9

Quelle heure est il?

Telling the time; talk about leisure activities

Les Fetes – festivals and dates; understanding commands

Rigolo 1 Unit 3:

Mon corps

Body parts

Character descriptions


Story: Va-t’en, Grand Monstre Vert!


Physical description, adjectives


Rigolo 1 Unit 11


On mange

Shopping for food; asking how much something costs

Rigolo 1 Unit 12


Le cirque

Talking about the languages we speak


Rigolo 1: Unit 10:


Ou vas-tu?

Weather, French cities/towns, directions, preference. 


Rigolo 2 Unit 2/3


A l’ecole –timings of school day; telling the time

La nourriture – asking politely for food items; describing how to make a sandwich

Rigolo 2 Unit ½

Salut Gustave – greetings and personal information;

A l’ecole – school subjects; likes and dislikes

Rigolo 2 Unit 4


En ville – places in town; asking directions

Story: Le Homme du Couleur

Holiday, colours, weather, clothes

Main objective – Can I write a postcard?


 Rigolo 2 Unit 5/6


En vacance – saying where you are going on holiday; expressing opinions

Chez moi – rooms in the house


Rigolo 2 Unit 7/8


Le weekend – activities you like to do


Les vetements – describing clothes

Rigolo 2 Unit 8/9

Les vetements

Opinions about clothes; saying what you like to wear

Ma journee – daily routines

Rigolo 2 Unit 10

Les transports


Buying tickets; saying where you are going

Rigolo 2 Unit 12

On va faire la fete


Revising places; forms of transport; plans for the future.

Rigolo 2 Unit 11:

Le sport


Different sports, talking about sporting events, giving reasons for preferences


Story: Le jour de sport dans la jungle


Can I design a poster for my favourite sports day event?


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